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We Make Life Easy

We at Beauty Box Cosmetics know how expensive and tedious it is to buy your cosmetic products. It’s time to put a stop to that. Beauty Box Cosmetics has your favorite cosmetic products at affordable prices. What makes us so different from other subscription boxes? You get to choose what products you’d like in your box each month. Plus, we’ll deliver your Beauty Box on a Monthly, Bi-Monthly, or Tri-Monthly basis!

Help Us Save The Planet

Like you, Beauty Box Cosmetics wants to save the planet. That’s why every time a Beauty Box is sold, the founders will donate a dollar to one of the non-profit organizations or charities on our site. With your help, we can make a Beautiful change together.

Our Beautiful Team

Beauty Box Cosmetics is still a very small family, but we have very high hopes for tremendous growth. We cannot wait for what the future has in store for us!


Leo Speckert


Ramzi Nizam

What They Say

People from all over are talking about Beauty Box Cosmetics!

I had very little success with other cosmetic subscription boxes, until I came across Beauty Box Cosmetics! They were very helpful through out the entire process and have been nothing but courteous and professional!

Sagonia Lazarof YouTuber

Beauty Box Cosmetics has made my make up experience very convenient. The entire process only takes minutes, and it's for a good cause! I will definitely be coming back.

Alexa Adams Influencer